SanDisk 4TB E61 Extreme Portable SSD V2 Price in Kenya

The SanDisk 4TB E61 Extreme Portable SSD V2 is a high-capacity storage powerhouse designed for professionals and enthusiasts who require massive portable storage without compromising on speed or durability. This robust drive offers an impressive blend of performance, capacity, and ruggedness, making it an ideal solution for content creators, data-hungry professionals, and tech enthusiasts who demand the best.

Key Features

  • Massive 4TB storage capacity
  • NVMe-based performance for quick data access
  • Ruggedized design for outdoor use
  • Compact form factor despite high capacity
  • Wide-ranging device compatibility

Uncompromising Performance

The E61 Extreme Portable SSD V2 delivers impressive read speeds of up to 1050MB/s and write speeds of up to 1000MB/s. This level of performance ensures swift file transfers, smooth 4K video editing, and rapid access to large data sets, significantly boosting productivity for professionals on the go.

Built to Withstand the Elements

Engineered for reliability in challenging environments, the E61 features a silicon rubber coating and an aluminum core. It boasts a 2-meter drop resistance and an IP65 rating for protection against water and dust. This rugged construction ensures your data remains safe whether you’re on a remote photo shoot or navigating a busy urban environment.

Versatile Compatibility

The SanDisk 4TB E61 works seamlessly across various platforms:

  • Windows PCs
  • Macs
  • Android devices
  • Select gaming consoles

This broad compatibility makes it an excellent choice for professionals who work across multiple devices and operating systems.

Pros and Cons


  • Massive 4TB capacity in a portable form factor
  • Durable design suitable for outdoor use


  • Higher price point due to large capacity
  • Slower than some high-end NVMe SSDs

Ideal Usage Scenarios

The SanDisk 4TB E61 Extreme Portable SSD V2 excels in scenarios requiring both high capacity and portability:

  1. Mobile 4K/8K video production and editing
  2. Large-scale photo shoots and on-location editing
  3. Comprehensive data backups for small businesses
  4. Portable game libraries for serious gamers

Target Audience

This SSD is perfect for:

  • Professional videographers and filmmakers
  • Photographers with extensive RAW image libraries
  • Data scientists working with large datasets in the field
  • IT professionals managing substantial amounts of portable data
  • Gamers with extensive digital libraries

SanDisk 4TB E61 Extreme Portable SSD V2 Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: 4TB
  • Interface: USB 3.2 Gen 2
  • Connector: USB-C (USB-A adapter included)
  • Read Speed: Up to 1050MB/s
  • Write Speed: Up to 1000MB/s
  • Dimensions: 8.85 x 49.55 x 96.2 mm
  • Weight: Approximately 79 grams
  • Encryption: 256-bit AES hardware encryption

The SanDisk 4TB E61 Extreme Portable SSD V2 stands out as a formidable storage solution that combines massive capacity with robust performance and durability. Its 4TB capacity addresses the growing storage needs of professionals working with large files, while its rugged design ensures data integrity in challenging environments.

While it may not match the extreme speeds of top-tier NVMe drives, the E61 strikes an excellent balance between performance, capacity, and portability. Its speed is more than sufficient for most professional workflows, including 4K video editing and large file transfers.

The drive’s durability features make it an excellent choice for professionals who work in unpredictable environments. Whether you’re a wildlife photographer in the field or a filmmaker on a remote location, the E61’s rugged build provides peace of mind.

For users who need this level of portable storage but also require desktop-class performance for intensive tasks, consider pairing this drive with one of our high-performance desktop systems. Alternatively, for those seeking a more budget-friendly storage solution with still impressive capacity, our range of HDDs offers excellent options for backup and archival purposes.

The SanDisk 4TB E61 Extreme Portable SSD V2 is more than just a storage device; it’s a professional tool that can significantly enhance productivity and workflow efficiency for those who work with large amounts of data on the go. Its combination of capacity, speed, and durability makes it a worthy investment for professionals who demand the best from their equipment.

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